New Liberal Canard: Arresting Looters = White Supremacy

Imagine a natural disaster hits, like when Hurricane Irma hit Florida or when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, and suddenly the looters are out destroying store fronts and taking what they please.

Unfortunately, this happens regularly. Crappy, lazy people like to take advantage of a bad situation. For example:

When will they make their lives matter?

HurricaneIrma looters filmed stealing shoes from Foot Locker via @MetroUK

— Marj (@photosbymarj1) September 12, 2017

cameras catch looters breaking into stores in #FortLauderdale during #Irma #irma #hurricane #HurrcaneIrma #IrmaHurricane2017 #miami LOSERS !

— Crottaz Finance (@crofin67) September 10, 2017

These people steal from stores, homes, cars, and anything else that may have anything of value inside. Sounds horrible, right? If you’re a hard working American who pays for everything they have, then you likely answered yes to that . If you’re a liberal, you



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