New gun laws may win approval in Congress?!?!?

It is reported that Congress is considering some new gun laws. There is nothing more frightening than hearing that the government is here and that they are going to help. It is also said that if you want government help real bad, you will get real bad help.

So what is all this about more gun laws? Is the Second Amendment again facing an imminent threat?  Five Democrats and four Republicans in the Senate are looking for some common sense laws. No common sense ever comes out of Washington anymore. This time they want to improve NICS background checks. Just how do they propose to do that? Is your gun safe tonight? How long will it stay safe? Be very suspicious when they offer to help.

As Written By Doug Schoen for Fox News:

The enactment of bipartisan, common-sense laws to reduce the number of needless deaths caused by gun violence in



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