New GOP Bill Slashes Tax Break for NFL, Would Save Taxpayers $200 Million Over Next Decade

Now that the NFL protests have ruined football, I’m sure most taxpayers won’t mind saving a few bucks when it comes to the NFL and other stadiums. The GOP tax plans reveals that it will save Americans at least $200 million in taxes by slashing tax-exempt bonds that fund the stadiums for these overpaid NFL morons and others. Now tell me, who’s really going to be upset about this?

The GOP tax plan unveiled Thursday by Republican members of the House reportedly contains a provision that would prevent professional sports teams, including the NFL, from taking advantage of tax-exempt municipal bonds, a government service usually reserved for local communities.

“Generally used for roads, hospitals and the like, a number of communities have extended them to help out sports teams, usually as a way of enticing a team to stay in a community,” The Washington Times reported. “Axing the break would save $200



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