New Clint Eastwood Movie is a Celebration of Real American Heroes

Clint Eastwood is a conservative actor, director and producer in Hollywood. He has directed over 50 films and produced some wonderful and heartwarming inspired war films – Hacksaw Ridge, Flags of Our Father and American Sniper. His movie about Chris Kyle, the “American Sniper” earned him several Oscar nominations in 2014. Eastwood is brilliant to say the least.

From director Clint Eastwood, comes an incredible true story portrayed by the actual heroes who lived it. This February, in the face of fear, ordinary people can do the extraordinary.

Back in April, it was announced that Clint Eastwood would be producing another movie about heroes, “15:17 to Paris.”  It’s based on the three friends in 2015 who charged Moroccan national Ayoub El Khazzani, a terrorist with an assault rifle on a Paris train and prevented several hundred from being injured. The terrorist was later found with enough ammunition to



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