New Apocalypse Warning: ‘The Earth Will Crack’ On Halloween Day This Year

A YouTube channel is claiming to have evidence that points to Halloween day as the “end of time.” Those who have claimed October 31 will be the apocalypse have also said that on that day, “the Earth will crack.”

The real apocalypse will begin on October 31 when the “Earth will crack” according to conspiracy theorists, says The Express UK.  This year’s Halloween could be the scariest to date, and perhaps the last if doomsayers are to be believed. The YouTube channel End Time Prophecies claims that Jesus will return on October 31 and bring with him the end of the world, according to The Express UK. 

A more in-depth search of the YouTube channel End Time Prophecies netted only two videos, neither of which declare in the titles that Halloween will be the date of the apocalypse. The YouTube channel Armageddon News has several doomsday videos citing Biblical lore and symbolism, but again, that Halloween date could not be verified. The only



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