Never Throw Away Corn Silk Again, Here’s Why…

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Have you ever noticed those small fibers on corn cobs?

We usually throw them away when we eat corn, ignoring their medicinal properties.

Recent studies show that corn silk tea can be healthier than corn itself. Did you know that?

This part of the corn is used in many parts of the world to treat different diseases and health issues.

It positively contributes to preventing and treating many health problems that result in fluid buildup in the body.

If your overweight is caused by fluid retention, corn silk tea can help you.

Even though you now know all the benefits of corn silk, you must still be thinking that eating it doesn’t seem very enticing.

The best thing is to use corn silk to make tea. Besides tea, corn silk can be found as a supplement.

However, before taking it as a supplement, talk to a phytotherapist to learn the correct dose for you.

Do not stop the conventional treatment prescribed by the doctor.

According to studies, corn silk is a safe medicinal plant with fewer side effects.

However, people with prostate inflammation should consume it with care since it increases the urinary frequency, which may cause discomfort.

Pregnant and nursing women should also avoid corn silk, as it alters the oxytocin levels, the hormone responsible for, among other things, uterine contractions.

People who take medication for lowering blood pressure, anticoagulants, diuretics, and diabetes medication need to talk to a doctor before using corn silk.

If you try it, share your experience with us.

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