Net Neutrality fight has become ground zero for fraud

Fromer Congressman from Georgia, Bob Barr, takes a critical look at the environment that swirled around the FCC and the fight for and against the Net Neutrality rules. Unbeknownst to most, there was a massive effort to swamp the FCC public comment period. There were millions of inputs both Pro and Con that were obviously fraudulent. How did this affect the FCC’s deliberations? What are the legal ramifications? What doe the Department of Justice needs to do about these violations of Federal law? Here is what Mr. Barr has to say about that.

As Written By Bob Barr for Townhall:

If one was expecting to have a reasoned, adult debate over “Net Neutrality” in the lead-up to the Federal Communications Commission’s vote last week to roll-back the Obama-era regulations, they were surely disappointed. Rather than a logical look at the current state of how the internet works today (much of the anti-FCC



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