NCAA Blocks Military Hero From Playing Out His Dreams

Soldiers Aren’t Allowed To Play Sports (Image: MGN)

Isaiah Brock, an Army veteran, is ineligible to play for the NCAA because of his high school transcript. Brock has been awarded five medals during his tours in Kuwait and Afghanistan. He is an excellent student at Oakland University and has become a mentor and tutor for younger athletes. Yet, because of where he went to high school, he can’t play on the court.

Being a soldier isn’t an easy job. Disconnected from your family, your friends, and facing death on a daily basis isn’t exactly a vacation. As hard jobs go in the military Isaiah Brock might have had the hardest one. He was assigned to the 54th Quartermaster Mortuary Affairs Company. His job was to remove and transport dead soldiers from war zones. 

Brock explained it as, “I aided in the process of returning these fallen heroes back home. So we would…



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