NBC News insider makes SHOCKING claims (it’s disturbing!)

When NBC fired “Today” show star Matt Lauer abruptly last month, it stunned the mainstream media.

Why release such a reliable source of ratings that was well-loved by liberal audiences?

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Critics wondered publicly: Was Lauer the victim of an unfair witch hunt? Or was he really an out-of-control creep?

The woman behind Lauer’s firing came forward this week with her side of the story — and supporters say it looks bad for the disgraced NBC News star.

However, critics point out that she also confessed to having consensual sex with Lauer for months — and only afterwards complained to her bosses about the married Lauer’s advances.

Former production assistant Addie Collins Zinone says when she was fresh from college, she began receiving unsolicited, suggestive texts from Lauer. “‘Wow, you look great . . . Whatever you’re doing with yourself or



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