NBC fires editor ‘who leaked anchor’s F-bomb meltdown’

WARNING: Graphic language and profanities are used numerous times in this clip:

(DAILY MAIL) — The Today show has fired the staffer that NBC believes is responsible for leaking embarrassing footage of Lawrence O’Donnell losing his temper and dropping F-bombs during the August 29 taping of his nightly political talk show.

Following an internal investigation the network found that a male editor leaked the tape and was dismissed on September 26, according to Page Six.

A source at the network said that the now former editor left a ‘very clear trail.’

‘The video of Lawrence O’Donnell was leaked on Sept 20. The leaker was identified, confronted and fired on Sept. 26. it turned out to be a ‘Today’ show editor who said he did it because he thought it was funny,’ the source said.



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