NBA star was robbed and burglars stole….WHAT!?

A former NBA player has taken to Twitter to complain that a toilet was among the items stolen from his Dallas home during a burglary.

Thirty-three-year-old Charlie Villanueva, a former first-round pick who most recently played with the Dallas Mavericks, posted a photo of the space in his bathroom where his toilet once stood.

In a series of sometimes potty-mouthed tweets , Villanueva says his home appliances also were taken during the burglary.

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Damn my home in Dallas was just burglarized, called the cops and still waiting on @DallasPD to make a report. FYI it’s been 2hrs since I called. #shitiscrazy

— Charlie Villanueva (@CVBelieve) December 20, 2017

They stole my toilet…… I’m not making this shit up. Still waiting @DallasPD

— Charlie Villanueva (@CVBelieve) December 20, 2017

Appliances all gone, like are you serious?



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