Nation looking to destroy America wants to save it from guns

The supreme leader of Iran’s totalitarian theocracy, which has been unrelenting in its pursuit of nuclear weapons, is lecturing Americans about handguns and rifles, insisting they shouldn’t be allowed to possess them.

Meanwhile, China’s communist government is giving Americans the same lecture in the wake of the school shooting in Florida by a teen whose threat of violence was well known to authorities long before he killed 17 people on Valentine’s Day.

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, over the weekend said America should “make guns illegal,” the Washington Free Beacon reported.

The Free Beacon noted Khamenei has instructed his government to spend billions of dollars on military hardware and ballistic missiles.

“No one dares apply the clear solution to the promotion of guns and homicide in America. What’s the solution? It’s to make guns illegal,” Khamenei tweeted.

“In U.S., 100s are killed every week by homicide for no crime – no reason –not at the



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