Nancy Pelosi stabbed in the back by top Dem “superstar”

by Evan Scheiber, contributing writer

After the surprise victory of Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district, Democrats have come up with a new strategy for 2018 midterms: Attack House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Democrats have realized that Pelosi is so unpopular, using an anti-Pelosi message is even good for their candidates.

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Lamb is a former prosecutor from the state of Pennsylvania and a former prosecutor for the United States Marine Corps before throwing his hat into the political ring.

And the won by throwing Pelosi under the bus.

Even Lamb acknowledged that distancing himself from Pelosi and her “liberal elite”  helped him carry the same district that Trump won by more than 20 points back in 2016.

Lamb was quoted saying, “I’ve already said on the front page of the newspaper that I don’t support Nancy Pelosi.”

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Not to mention, the 33 year-old Pennsylvanian ran ads that explicitly attacked the California liberal.

It does not get any clearer than that.

Even her own party is starting to turn on her and she still touts lies.

Desperate to retain control of her political party, Pelosi returned with more lunacy on Thursday in an effort to save face.

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Pelosi stated at a news conference at Capitol Hill on Thursday in response to the election, “I don’t think he ran against me the entire time.”

“They’re coming after me because of my city, they’re against LGBT, and they’re against poor children,” she said.

This is her failed attempt at swaying the public that there are ulterior motives to the backlash against her but she knows why they are coming after her.

What did she expect when she came out and called our law enforcement cowards?

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This is just another indicator that Pelosi is losing touch with the common voter.

It has become her personal agenda in Washington and not the agenda of her constituents.

According to Politico, this is just the beginning. Expect more Democrats to turn on Pelosi heading into the 2018 midterms.

In fact, Texas Rep. Filemon Vela has already stated, “Running against Nancy Pelosi is going to help you a lot more than running with her.”

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This is all assuming she will even be able to carry on the future considering her mounting health concerns that The Horn has reported on multiple times in the past.

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— Evan Scheiber is a fierce conservative and The Horn News’ Marketing Manager.

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