Nancy Pelosi Shares Career Advice and Her Path to Congress | WSJ

In 35 years on Capitol Hill, Nancy Pelosi made history as the first female speaker of the House, shepherding the Affordable Care Act and passing the biggest climate bill to date. She discusses her path to the top and advice for women in any occupation at WSJ’s Women in the Workplace Forum.

The 52nd speaker of the House also tells aspiring leaders to prioritize their strategic vision and focus on what’s authentic to them.

0:00 Nancy Pelosi weighs in on Trump’s looming indictment
9:20 “Why would anyone become a politician these days?”
14:15 What lessons about negotiations can women learn from Pelosi?
22:00 “How did the fact of raising five children help you when it came to your later career?”
28:15 Pelosi on the government’s role in solving pay equity issues
31:30 What advice would Pelosi give to President Biden on running again?
32:35 “When is the U.S. going to get its first female president?”

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