[Must see] Tomi Lahren DESTROYS fake news media

by Kylie Handler, editor

Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren just destroyed the unfair liberal media — and it has conservative voters cheering.

In her “Final Thoughts” broadcast on Fox News Insider, Lahren highlights all of President Donald Trump’s accomplishments in his first year.

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It’s a staggering list that the mainstream media would never talk about.

In the segment, Lauren destroys the fake news media that only gives negative news about the president while praising his predecessor, former President Barack Obama.

She states that she thinks that “The mainstream media wants to see Trump fail badly, even at the expense of the American people. Truth is, President Trump has done more in 11 months than Barack Obama did in four, or even eight years.”

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Lahren starts off her argument slamming that liberal media that refuses to cover



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