Muslim Woman FLIPS Out On Man for His Shirt (Video)

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In the clip, the hijab-wearing woman can be seen yelling at the man for wearing a Pauline Hanson shirt on the campus of a university. Hanson is a controversial Australian right-wing leader who has called for all Muslims to be banned from entering her country.

“You have no right to be here,” the woman can be heard screaming.

“You’re the one who followed me. What, do you want to punch me in the face?” the man, identified as Dennis Huts, responds after the woman begins yelling at him.

“You have no right to be on this campus. No you don’t. Get off this campus. You’re not welcome here. Get off,” the woman replies. “He is a proto-fascist. He has no right to be here. All he wants to do is [demonize] Muslims. Muslims have had enough. Get off this campus,…



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