Muslim columnist compares AP Stylebook to Quran

A Muslim who was born and raised in the Middle East is comparing the Associated Press Stylebook, a guide for American journalists on spelling and word usage, to the Quran, according to a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

The Muslim holy book declares the supremacy of Allah and Islamic law over the earth, mandating death for anyone who opposes its message.

So how exactly does it compare with a writers’ guide?

“To be sure, the AP Stylebook does not carry the same weight or authority as the Quranic texts on which radical Islamists base their jihadist actions and totalitarian aims. It does constitute, however, a cultural decree that has turned religious in its fervor. It gives a glimpse, as well, into the intellectual tyranny that has pervaded liberal Western thought and institutions,” writes A.Z. Mohamed in a commentary published by the Gatestone Institute.

“The main facet of this PC tyranny,



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