Music superstar expects proof of ‘weaponized’ federal agencies

Music legend Charlie Daniels

The fix was in. Hillary Clinton was to be elected president, federal agencies would be weaponized to advance the Obama agenda, the military neglected, “ultraliberal” immigration policies would be created to assure a Democratic Party government “ad infinitum” and the nation’s economy was to be driven further into the ground.

Then something happened.

“God’s grace.”

That’s what superstar singer-songwriter Charlie Daniels believes.

“It was all planned out, Hillary would be elected by a landslide, all the dirt would have been covered up, the guilty parties would go free and ultraliberal immigration policies would have been instituted, a quick path to citizenship established and an unbeatable voter base created to guarantee a Democrat government ad infinitum,” he writes in his newest Soap Box commentary.

“The entitlement rolls would have grown exponentially, the economy would have continued its downward spiral, as the Clinton government would have



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