MSNBC’s top star just got VERY bad news…

by Kylie Handler, editor

MSNBC host Chris Matthews has been slammed by a bombshell investigation — and the facts that were uncovered are seriously disturbing!

Multiple witnesses have come forward to accuse Matthews of running a nasty work environment. But this isn’t as simple as inappropriate comments… it’s so bad, it qualifies as abuse investigators found.

Additionally, these new bombshell allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse have even been verified by NBC producers.

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Matthews was described as “liable to fly off the handle at the slightest mistake,” by two former NBC producers.

Staffers from his nightly show, “Hardball” have even described themselves as having “battered wives syndrome.” Some women have claimed that Matthews has repeatedly made inappropriate sexual advances towards them, and explained that Matthews has a secret system to rate the attractiveness of the guests on his show.




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