MSNBC’s Joy Reid Made To Apologize For Smearing Conservative Writer

Let’s ask MSNBC Host Joy Reid to explain how a nuclear war scenario is a racists event. That is the question she is forced to answer after jumping in on a prepper article by National Review’s David French on Monday. Ms. Reid was just too quick to read racism into an analysis of just how devastating a nuclear bomb would be to Manhattan or Honolulu. Look at her over reaction here.

As Written and Reported By James Barrett for the Daily Wire:

In yet another ugly incident featuring an MSNBC host, Joy-Ann Reid smeared National Review’s David French on Monday in a statement suggesting that an article he wrote was motivated by racism. The premise for Reid’s serious charge, however, was fundamentally flawed, which the left-wing host was finally forced to admit.

Reid’s smear of French, an Iraq war veteran, revolves around a straightforward “prepper” article he wrote for National Review about the realities



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