MSNBC star demands CIVIL WAR against Trump

by Frank Holmes, reporter

The mainstream media has scalated its hatred in a call for a violent “revolution” aimed at driving President Donald Trump out of power.

Critics say MSNBC’s latest attempts to rose viewers to action are so violent, they could be illegal.

And ironically, the network justified its call by saying that Trump is a threat to democracy.

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“Our democracy is under siege,” MSNBC’s Danny Deutsch said during an appearance last Friday on “Deadline: White House.” “People need to start taking to the streets!”

“We have a guy, a president who clearly is owned by [Russian President Vladimir] Putin,” said Deutsch.

He’s worried that House Intelligence Committee Chariman Devin Nunes’ “twisted and mangled” memo will give Trump the green light to end the futile Russian collusion investigation and start cleaning house in the Justice Department.

“This is a dictator,” he said.



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