Movie star dishes on plan to win back California

Antonio Sabato Jr. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

WASHINGTON – He’s an Italian heartthrob actor with a striking grin that makes women swoon – and he’s knows a deep secret about Hollywood that could crush the best reputations and instantly kill established careers.

Many in Hollywood and the movie industry secretly support President Trump, Antonio Sabato Jr. divulged to WND, and they’re itching to take California back from the grips of socialist Democrats.

In fact, behind the scenes, several Hollywood figures have expressed enthusiastic support for Sabato and his bid for Congress.

“I can focus on the negative that is coming from Hollywood or focus on the positive: People in Hollywood are waking up,” Sabato told WND. “People are calling me and saying, ‘You are doing the right thing; we’re behind you. We might not be able to speak at the moment because we don’t want to get fired or lose



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