More than WaPo credibility goes down with the Roy Moore yearbook story

The WaPo, Washington Post, was all over the Judge Roy Moore yearbook signing story. They even brought in an FBI forensic expert to vouch for the yearbook entry writing to be valid. Now the accuser has admitted forging parts of the entry. Avery key part of the entry. The Post and the FBI agent are made to look like political assassins. This Fake news not brought to you by ______ (choose one: CNN, ABC, CBS, etc…)

As Written By John Nolte for Breitbart: 

Three weeks ago, in a partisan effort to dismiss what is now an admitted forgery, and what at the time was an obvious forgery, the left-wing Washington Post’s Philip Bump (already a provenliar) consulted former FBI agent Mark Songer, a forensics documents examiner, to examine a yearbook produced by one of Roy Moore’s accusers as evidence he assaulted her. The expertconcluded that the “writing seems consistent with one writer.”

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