More than half of Americans worry about ‘deep state’

Most Americans may not recognize the term “Deep State,” but they are very concerned about what it does.

A new Monmouth University Poll found 63 percent of Americans were “not familiar” with the term. Thirteen percent were very familiar and 24 percent somewhat.

The pollster describes “Deep State” as the “possible existence of a group of unelected government and military officials who secretly manipulate or direct national policy.”

Those entrenched bureaucrats make significant decisions about government actions every day. They could be FBI officials or career staffers in the State Department or any federal agency, most of which have their own armed police forces.

The poll found 23 percent are very worried and another 30 percent are somewhat worried about the government monitoring their activities or invading privacy.

Additionally, 53 percent believe the U.S. government currently monitors or spies on the activities of citizens, and another 29 percent say the spying takes place, it’s



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