More Than a Hate Crime…Part 1

“When you make a person say, ‘I love black people,’ that’s a hate crime all the way.” – Andrew Holmes, local Chicago community activist

And once again Barack HUSSEIN Obama, our sitting racist-in-chief, stirs the pot of racial hatred.

Instead of outright condemning an act of pure evil done by four black Chicago ghetto thugs, Obama blames this evil act on “tensions between the police and communities” adding that “We don’t benefit from pretending that racism doesn’t exist”…a direct slap in the face to the plight of the kidnapped 18-year old special-needs white young man…a young man who for six straight hours was repeatedly tortured with racial slurs, kicked, hit, punched, forced to drink from a toilet, and had his scalp ‘cut’ after being stomped on the head by the four black thugs…all while he was tied up and with his mouth taped shut.

Cowering in fear as…



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