More Evidence of CNN Planting Phony, Scripted Questions About Florida Shooting Town Hall

Another person has stepped forward, accusing CNN of scripting questions in the wake of last week’s Parkland, Florida high school shooting:

This time it’s the father of Ariana Klein, a junior at Stoneman Douglas. Andrew Klein is a Republican and a gun owner. He says that CNN was specifically seeking out survivors of the shooting who wanted to talk about gun control, bolstering another survivor’s claims that the network tried to plant scripted questions at their Wednesday night town hall. Klein spoke on Fox News and said he had received a call from a CNN producer the day after the shooting last week.

He said it was “not surprising” that the town hall was focused on strict gun control measures, as the producer he spoke to was looking for people who wanted to talk about “policy.” Figures.

“I actually spoke to a CNN producer on Thursday, the day after the



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