Moby is a ‘Useful Idiot’: Google it

The rich and famous DJ called “Moby” is telling a bizarre stor about President Donald J. Trump.

I have a question for you: When did playing records become a skill you can get rich and become a star for doing? Apparently “Moby” is a big-time, well paid DJ who… um… plays records like the guy you hire for a wedding when you can’t afford a band.

Scroll down for interview…

Well, he’s also a “useful idiot” as the Commies used to call Americans who espoused anti-Capitalism or anti-Americanism – although I can’t see any other country where a guy who plays records could get as rich and famous as “Moby” – one name – as he has in Capitalist America.

I wonder how much he charges to show up and if he spreads that money around to the audience when the party is over? But I digress… Here’s the



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