MOAR Mother Of All Rallies

The Mother Of All Rallies is upon us in September. MOAR, as it’s known, is billed as the epitome of American patriotic resistance to the steady decline of our culture, designed to right all wrongs, cure cancer, and reinvent mom’s apple pie. I’m going to tell you the truth.

Mark Connor played a phone conversation on his radio show this morning. A guy named Tony was expounding his political ideology. Tony is batshit crazy. Mark, I must say was a bit more politically correct than I, but that’s his style, this is mine.

Conservative rallies are largely failures for a number of reasons. Conservatives work, and have little time to travel the distances required to attend. They are also older, and the very act of attending one of these things puts them off. That, and they vote. When you see ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, New Black Panthers and



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