Mitch McConnell: I No Longer Care About the Wishes of the Voters! I am in Charge!

For years now, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has driven the GOP Senate further and further to the left, breaking campaign promises left and right.

While this became blatantly obvious concerning years of promises by ALL GOP senators to repeal ObamaCare, his recent actions against the false accusations against Alabama GOP candidate Judge Roy Moore are loud and clear.

My grandmother stated more times than I can imagine, “Actions speak louder than words!” and McConnell’s actions are very clear.

He no longer cares about the will of the voters and thinks he is in charge.

In this country, he is not in charge, the people are. He only represents them.

In fact, I have said from the beginning that McConnell is behind this last minute ditch effort to stop Judge Roy Moore because his guy, Luther Strange, was rejected by Alabama voters. He was silent on Moore after he



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