Missouri aims for world’s largest Christmas stocking record

A Missouri city has unveiled a Christmas stocking it hopes will make the cut for the world’s largest.

Sedalia’s red-and-white stocking was officially measured Tuesday as 177 feet (53.95 meters) tall for entry to Guinness World Records, the Sedalia Democrat reported . The city is trying to beat a record set by the Italian city of Carrara in 2011.

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The Missouri city’s stocking is almost 10 feet (3.05 meters) longer. It’s so large that with a few more inches, it would not have fit in the Missouri State Fair arena, where it was unveiled. It’s 72 feet (21.34 meters) wide and weighs a whopping 820 pounds (371.95 kilograms).

It’s so tall that Sedalia doesn’t have a building that’s high enough to hang it from, Mayor Stephen Galliher said.

Sedalia radio show host Charlie Thomas came up with the idea



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