Minneapolis On The Hunt After Monday Mass Shootings

Breaking News: Mass Shooting Strikes Minneapolis (Image; MGN)

Six victims have been shot in two separate shootings in Minneapolis early Monday morning. One victim, who suffered a gunshot to the chest, is in serious condition at a nearby hospital. A man has been taken into custody for the second shooting. So far no suspects have been found in connection to the first shooting.

Minneapolis was struck with fear early Monday morning as two shootings occurred mere blocks from each other.

The first incident occurred, reportedly, around 2 am. According to Corey Schmidt, a spokesman for the Minneapolis Police, someone opened fire outside their downtown precinct. Officers who heard the shots responded immediately to find two men who had suffered gunshot wounds to the leg. The scene was quickly deemed a crime scene and a handgun was discovered in a nearby parking lot. 

Only fifteen minutes later, officers heard the sounds of…



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