Million Dollar Mansions With Underground Secrets

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These multi-million dollar homes have secrets hidden within. Whether its escape routes, secret tunnels, hidden rooms or private underground caves, these houses are full of unique features you’ll have to see to believe. These upscale dwellings range from estates to castles, with everything from futuristic secret garages to hidden shelters straight out of the 1950s concealed somewhere within their walls.

Have you ever seen a castle hidden in the Nevada desert with real abandoned gold mines beneath it? What about a garage inspired by Batman that has a secret entrance right in the middle of a tennis court? Maybe a Swiss mega-mansion that’s almost entirely underground? Or how about an entire bunker that simulates night and day underneath a simple-looking townhouse? It has everything needed for a good time– from a nightclub to a pool. These are the kinds of secrets we’ve uncovered in some of the world’s most expensive homes.

Some of these secrets are all about fun– they lead to private gardens, luxurious pool houses, secret grottos or even up to the top of ski hills. While others are about safety– like fully-stocked survival shelters, escape tunnels leading to the outside, and offices hidden behind walls where you can keep valuables and important documents. The question is which kind would you prefer? Features that are fun or practical?

It’s time to find out– let’s explore some of the world’s most unique homes with features straight out of a movie. These are the kinda concealed details we only imagined superheroes and villains having– until now.

Written by: Courtney Hayes
Narrated by: Adam Newmark
Edited by: Danila Fel

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00:00 Intro
00:33 Chartwell Estate’s secret passages
01:21 Bunker underneath a Las Vegas townhouse
02:03 The Wayne Residence’s secret garage
02:47 Spirit of Avalon estate with scuba-tunnels
03:46 Hard Luck Castle’s secret gold mines
04:30 An underground Swiss mega-mansion
05:20 Australian mansion with a secret entrance
05:53 Greenwich mansion with hidden tunnels
06:26 The Rice House has hidden escape routes
06:59 The Goodkind House’s secret 1950s shelter”

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