Military Once Again Prepping for Urban Unrest


As the lowdown dirty leftists of the nation continue training to fight conservatism, the military of the United States is preparing for mass civil unrest.

The Army is preparing for a massive bout of civil unrest as the nation’s left turns unruly and violent.

With liberals foaming at the mouth at the very thought of Donald Trump’s presidency, fervor in this country is at a fever pitch.  Given the left’s prevailing mantra of burn, riot, attack, it comes as no surprise that the Army is prepping for the worst.

“There will be war in the streets of America. Things have been engineered that way.

“The scenarios are many, the issues are complex. The current anger from the left, who are violently protesting against President Trump, is just one aspect of it.

“But the Pentagon and the U.S. national security structure is increasingly looking towards the shifting demographics around the globe…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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