Mike Rowe DRIVES LIBERAL MAD With Lecture On “Work Ethic”

Mike Rowe…famous for his show, Dirty Jobs, is also rather infamous for his social media presence full of awesomeness!

In this post, Mike doesn’t disappoint as he destroys a whiny liberal taking him to task for things he said about our poor people.  Common sense is so thick when you listen to Mike, it is staggering because we so rarely hear it anymore.

Enjoy Mikes no nonsense comments on the state of our world.

Hey Mike

Your constant harping on “work ethic” is growing tiresome.

Just because someone’s poor doesn’t mean they’re lazy. The unemployed want to work! And many of those who can’t find work today, didn’t have the benefit of growing up with parents like yours. How can you expect someone with no role model to qualify for one of your scholarships or sign your silly “Sweat Pledge?” Rather than accusing people of not having a work-ethic, why not drop…



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