Mike Cernovich Plans to Sue UC-Berkeley Employee For Death and Rape Threats [VIDEO]

Conservative blogger, Mike Cernovich is going after a UC Berkeley employee both civilly and criminally for a Facebook message she sent him.  He believes the message contains a death threat and a rape threat.  The offending employee is Ellen Seeling, who teaches the trumpet part time and describes herself as a butch dyke.

Seeling wrote:

“I think that you’re the prick who claims date rape doesn’t exist.”

“If yes, fuck you up the ass with a poisoned broomstick cocksucker. We shit in your mouth. Swallow it and die woman hater. I feel bad for any woman who makes the mistake of spending time with your sorry ass. I bet your wife hates your guts, just like so many of us.”

Seeling’s wife, Jean Fineberg, told The College Fix that Seeling “did a bit…



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