Michigan Man killed 5 Year-Old Stepdaughter – You Won’t Believe What He Did Next [VIDEO]

When 25-year-old Thomas McClellan didn’t know how to respond to his 5-year-old stepdaughter, he repeatedly stabbed the little girl and then set her body alight with vodka. The little girl’s crime? She simply asked the Michigan man for a snack at the wrong moment – he exploded in anger and now the small girl is dead.

The murderer from Holt, Michigan said he “snapped” on November 1 when Luna Michelle Younger wouldn’t leave his room and kept pestering him for a snack. After the stepfather murdered the girl with a sharp object, he wrapped her body in blankets and then tried to burn her up by soaking the corpse in vodka before setting her on fire.

McClellan appeared in court on Thursday for a preliminary hearing where Detective Chuck Buckland spoke…



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