Miami Targets Opponents Of Airbnb Ban

Airbnb is generally seen as a good way for homeowners to monetize those empty bedrooms in their houses when they need extra cash. However, some cities like Miami are not fans. When Miami considered banning “short-term” leases like those offered by Airbnb, some opponents of this ban showed up during the comment period to air their views. Before the opponents were permitted to speak, they were required to share identifying information that included their names, addresses and phone numbers. Now that the ban has passed in a 3-2 vote, these opponents may now be targeted for the simple “crime” of showing up.

Airbnb Ban in Miami

“We are now on notice for people who did come here and notify us in public and challenge us in public,” Daniel Alfonso, Miami city manager, told the Miami Herald. “I will be duly bound to request our personnel to enforce the city code.”






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