Mexican Drug Cartel Violence Sees 15 Dead in Border State Battle

By Andrew West

The United States, helmed by President Donald J. Trump, cannot bolster security on our southern border quick enough, especially because the Mexican drug cartel violence is creeping toward our borders.

While Trump’s grand plan for a “big, beautiful” wall on our border with Mexico has been stymied by liberal congressmen and noncommittal republicans alike, a war has been raging that threatens the sanctity of American border states.  You see, in Mexico, drug cartels are some of the most powerful entities in existence.  Their turf wars and ability to corrupt entire local governments has given them the sort of power that Al Pacino’s “Scarface” character could only dream about.  With thousands of bodies already under their belt, the vicious fighting of the Mexican drug wars is only gaining intensity.

Now, as this violence begins to creep nearer to the U.S. border, many Americans have taken notice and are demanding action.




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