Meghan McCain Is Upset With President Trump… So What

Trump roasted failed presidential candidate John McCain during his speech to CPAC on Friday, and Meghan McCain popped up right afterwards on The View to defend her daddy’s honor.

The Conservative Political Action Conference wrapped up yesterday, but the highlight performance was 50 minutes worth of Donald Trump speaking to a revved up crowd. Reports from backstage say that Trump went off-script for 90% of the time he was up there, ignoring the speech already written for him on the teleprompter.

Honoring a pledge he had previously made to Meghan, Trump didn’t call out John by name but still clearly referred to the former candidate and current Senator from Arizona. A few months back, when John was ill with cancer, Trump called up Meghan to say that he wouldn’t go after him or attack him while he was in recovery. At the time, Meghan said that Trump was “very



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