Meghan McCain Confronts Adam Schiff: Show Evidence of Collusion or Else

Rep. Adam Schiff appeared on The View and while on the show, he was questioned by Meghan McCain on what evidence there is that there was any collusion between President Trump, his campaign team and the Russians.

Noting that over a year later, we have yet to see even a shred of evidence that anything amounted remotely to collusion, Schiff conceded to McCain that there is still nothing to back up claims of any collusion with the Russians to win or even sway the election.

He also pointedly distanced himself from allegations of treason against the President. He has been the biggest proponent of the investigation since its inception and now seems to be taking a step back from the whole affair.

Schiff has been the author of the narrative accusing President Trump of Russian collusion on behalf of his party for many months. From his seat on the



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