Meet the Women Who Have 60 Orgasms Per Sex Session…Gift From God

In Britain they filmed a documentary on the “Super Orgasm”.  That is having dozens of orgasms during sex.  The women who appeared on the show were very diverse.  Nathalie is a motorbike mechanic and a bisexual.  Janette is a devout Christian who believes her ability to achieve so many orgasms is due toa gift from God.  Francesca is a 59 year old woman who didn’t find out she was multi orgasmic until after she divorced her husband.  If they named him or showed his picture on TV, his life is over.

Scientists exploring the phenomenon in the show say the women’s capacity for achieving maximum pleasure is because of their unusually high state of arousal, which in turn releases even more of the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin.

But Nathalie puts it down to her…



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