Meet the man behind the ‘Coast to Coast’ microphone

George Noory

One of the first things one discovers when chatting with radio show host George Noory is that he’s such a nice man. On-air personalities almost always have out-sized egos, but Noory is a genuinely nice guy.

He’s also tough as steel.

When I spoke to him about his new book, “Mad as Hell,” and his overall view of the culture, it became clear that Noory genuinely cares about people. He also is an expert on topics that until recently were considered fringe.

Frankly, the world has gotten so crazy in just the last few years that few anywhere really think there is any such thing as a fringe topic. And that opening-up of minds is something Noory not only taps into, but uses for good. He believes getting more people to talk and share information can lead to positive societal change. He has also cemented his reputation



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