Media: ‘Trans DNA found!’ Oh, wait, never mind …

Several recent media reports have highlighted a study on “Understanding the Genetic Basis of Transgender Identity.”

While the study concludes only that genetic variants were identified that might play a role in transgender identity, the Times of London declared in a headline “Science pinpoints DNA behind gender identity.”

LGBT activists in the U.S. were a little more cautious, stating scientists have discovered DNA “that could be responsible for gender identity.”

Now, Walt Heyer, who has been there and back on the transgender issue, and runs, has written a commentary pointing out that the study’s conclusions are uncertain because the issue never has been defined.

“No absolute conclusions can be made about a genetic basis for transgender identity,” he explained.

“Some of the difficulty in fashioning a study to find a biological link to transgender identities arises from the definition of the term ‘transgender.’ Medically speaking, a transgender person is defined as someone who has been



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