Media Pretends Susan Rice is Not Newsworthy [VIDEO]

Faced with real facts that show they have been neglecting to report news, the media pretends nothing is wrong.

The media pretends it matters because it has to do so. Otherwise, it would have to admit it serves an ideological minority and their dependents to provide them with a rationale for what they do. The Susan Rice spying story has forced them to double down on the pretense that they have the national respect to determine what is news. CNN gave us the purest example of this. According to Grabien News,

While interviewing a Democratic congressman, CNN’s Chris Cuomo claimed it was “demonstrably untrue” Rice sought surveillance of the Trump team, even as that’s exactly what yesterday’s reports prove.

Over the last 24 hours, the network has also repeatedly called on its chief national security correspondent — who was also a political appointee in the Obama White House — Jim Sciutto, to dismiss the…



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