Media lies BUSTED! The truth behind Omarosa’s “firing” (it’s fake news!)

The liberal media has big deal over the resignation of Director of Communications for the White House, Public Liasison Omarosa Manigault-Newman.

If you watch the mainstream media, it was the world’s biggest blow-up. She was literally dragged out of the president’s office, they claim! Screaming and fighting, they say!

Only one problem. Everyone that was there says that’s totally fake news.

The U.S. Secret Service has denied all allegations that Manigault-Newman  was escorted over the White House grounds, but that does not stop the liberal media from spreading this over-sensationalized nonsense — rather than reporting real stories like the allegations of voter fraud in Alabama’s special election.

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According to several liberal media sources, an unnamed White House official reported that Manigault-Newman was “physically dragged and escorted off the campus” late Tuesday. Of course, the report



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