Media Boils Over Against Trump’s Immigration Stand

Over Labor Day weekend, two of Donald Trump’s most important surrogates, VP nominee Mike Pence and Dr. Ben Carson, both faced a grilling from the national media about Trump’s immigration stance.

On NBC’s Meet the Press host Chuck Todd wondered if Donald Trump would really deport every single illegal alien.

Why can’t you definitively say what’s going to happen to these folks? Because he used to definitively say it. He said there would be– everybody has to leave. Even if– quickly. Everybody has to leave. And now there’s some muddiness to this. I don’t know how– it is just unclear to me. Can you clear this up? 

For his part, Governor Pence chose not to directly respond, instead arguing that Trump has brought national attention to an issue of vital importance. Pence also derided the media’s focus on the plight of illegal immigrants and their decision to ignore…



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