McCain Blasts US in Speech to Naval Academy, “No More America First”

What is WRONG with this man?! Don’t tell me he’s off his meds again. Can we please get Kelli Ward elected for Senate in Arizona?

Does Senator McCain not remember his pledge to God, Country and Family? Did McCain somehow forget to respect the chain of command including the President of the United States, President Trump? Or are we just to assume like most that after being in politics in DC for so long, he’s now part of the DC Swamp that needs to be drained? It seems to me after the Trump dossier….he has gone to the dark side.

In the speech to the midshipmen in Annapolis, Maryland, on Monday, the Senate Armed Services Committee chairman ripped into the Trump administration’s policies, although — taking a Voldemort-like approach that’s become habitual among anti-Trump conservatives — he never mentioned the president’s name.

McCain contrasted the “hopeful atmosphere of 1991” after the



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