Maxine Waters makes most INSANE claim yet (she’s losing it!)

California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters has made some outrageous claims since President Donald Trump was elected. However, the liberal lawmaker made her most insane statement yet during an appearance on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” this weekend — and critics say it’s proof she’s unfit to lead.

According to the liberal lawmaker, Trump’s joke at the Gridiron Club Dinner on Saturday about her was racist… because it questioned her intelligence.

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The dinner is an event known for it’s humor. During his speech, Trump took jabs at his own White House as well as his political rivals. At one point, the president joked about Waters.

“Maxine Waters. How about that one? Maxine Waters, ‘He must be impeached!’ That’s all she knows how to say, ‘He must be impeached!’ Impeached! … But he’s done nothing wrong. Doesn’t matter, they say. What has he done wrong?



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