Marshawn Lynch Twists the Knife, Stands Only for Mexico’s National Anthem; Trump Quickly Responds!

Another NFL week, another shocking twist in the anthem controversy. Over this season we have seen kneeling, arm locking, raised fists, hiding out in the tunnels, t-shirts messages (Everybody vs. Trump) and even leg lifting like a dog peeing, all in the name of protest. It seems if players want attention, they need to come up with a new way to say “screw you” to America. This week, Marshawn Lynch found his way to heighten the controversy.

Lynch, of the Oakland Raiders, had the opportunity this weekend to add some fuel to the fire by not only sitting out The Star Spangled Banner, but then standing for the Himno Nacional Mexicano (The Mexican National Anthem). What a complete slap in the face to our country.

Kneeling on our soil is bad enough, but when you travel to another country, you represent America! We don’t need to be airing our dirty



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