Mark Zuckerberg: Political Influencer Whether We Like It Or Not

Mark Zuckerberg recently penned a 5,700 word document on his Facebook profile, listing out the future for Facebook and what that means for all of us. I don’t much care if you like Zuckerberg or hate the idea that everyone is spending more time on the internet today. The fact is they are and Facebook is more influential than ever. There are 1.86 billion active Facebook users today.

Mark Zuckerberg: Political Influencer

Should we worry as conservatives? I know many feel Zuckerberg may lean left in a bunch of political areas, but at the end of the day he has a massive business to run. I do get the vibe that Zuckerberg may be interested in politics someday, but as of right now he was one of the youngest most successful CEOs on the planet. He has a job to do.

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